Waitrose to Half Packaging on Groceries

20 May 2013
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UK supermarket Waitrose has revealed a number of new targets to help it increase its levels of sustainability.

The company has announced 12 new commitments, among which are efforts to cut packaging levels to half that of 2005 levels by 2016. It will also hope to ensure that all its fish is sustainably sourced by that time too.

The promised move towards sustainable fish will affect all areas, including fresh, tinned and frozen fish – including in its ready meals. Waitrose will begin next week when it applies for certifiable accreditation for its cod and haddock from the MSC.

Waitrose has said that it expects to save around 100 tonnes of packaging a year by redesigning its products. This will include the shrinking of plastic sleeves on items and the introduction of recyclable aluminium trays. In addition, the company will remove plastic trays from its packets of pork and lamb and also increase the amount of clear packaging on its ‘Good to Go’ range of snacks.

The company will also reduce energy consumption in its stores by replacing the current lights with energy efficient LED alternatives. It will also make a move at powering 40 of its stores through sustainable wood chips.

We see it as another move in the right direction from the supermarkets.

Image courtesy of [ Arvind Balaraman] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net