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For Peace of Mind

Your sensitive and confidential data needs to be handled properly. This means destroying it in the right way, so that you are protected against criminal activity such as identity theft. However, secure data destruction can also protect your company against intellectual property or customer theft by your competition.

What is secure data destruction?

Secure data destruction is a way of safely shredding or otherwise destroying anything that might contain sensitive information. This includes secure document shredding and computer hard drive destruction as well as including items you might not think of, such as mobile phones and employee uniforms.

Anything that contains information should be securely destroyed, and Assured Security Shredding is able to shred, destroy, and recycle a variety of items. Items that carry identification or confidential information should be properly destroyed, not just thrown away.

Why do you need secure data destruction?

Cases of identity theft are on the rise, and both individuals and companies are finding themselves the victims of this type of fraud. Improperly disposing of your data can leave you and your customers open to attack. This can result in a long and difficult process to put things right.

The far easier solution is to protect yourself against fraud by destroying your data in the right way. The Data Protection Act requires companies to handle their customers’ data in a certain way, and it is beyond what many companies are capable of. Investing in expensive shredding machines and committing employee time to data destruction can be costly.

Using the services of Assured Security Shredding can save you time and money while making your company more secure. Through a regular collection service or a one-off clearance, we are able to collect your data, whether on paper or in another form, and destroy it.

We fully background check our employees, and all of our vehicles are tracked. This means that your data will never fall into the wrong hands. We also issue you with a certificate of destruction, which you can show your customers as proof that you handle their confidential information in the correct way.

If you want to find out more about how Assured Security Shredding can help with your data shredding needs, get in touch today. We offer a convenient, cost-effective solution for any size business.