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Why Shred and Destroy Data?

Getting rid of confidential data and documents is part of the cycle of any business. You may need  a one-off archive clearance or a regular collection service; getting rid of documents, hard drives or other magnetic media. Our confidential shredding services offer you peace of mind from the worry of data theft; compliance with government regulations and environmentally-friendly credentials.

Security From Data Theft

The security threat posed by stolen data is on the increase. As more business information is now stored digitally, more fraud relies on this information and its misuse.

Confidential data includes everything from names and email addresses  of your contacts or employees to sensitive information on salaries and confidential proposals. This data must be destroyed securely or it can be used for crimes ranging from individual identity theft to large-scale fraud.

Using a full service data destruction company can allow you and your employees to focus on what your work, without worrying about document destruction. We can collect your confidential data and securely destroy it on-site or off-site at our secure premises.

By shredding your data properly, you make it impossible for it to be used for fraudulent purposes. You protect yourself, your customers, and your business. We shred documents and dispose of the waste in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


At Assured Security Shredding, we comply with all the current regulations around data protection, the environment, and waste management. Our team of experts stay on top of all developments in best practices for keeping our customers’ data safe. This commitment to compliance is also reflected in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.

By using a professional document shredding and destruction firm, you are able to ensure compliance with crucial data protection laws. We issue you with a certificate of destruction as proof that your data has been properly and securely destroyed.

Your customers will want to know that you’ve kept their information safe, and that you comply with the Data Protection Act. Using Assured Security Shredding means you are doing both of these things.

Environmentally Friendly

Another great feature of our service is that your waste is handled in an environmentally friendly way. Wherever possible, we recycle the material we collect. This means that less of your paper, products, and equipment end up in landfill.

The recycled pulp that we create from document shredding is baled up and re- used for packaging and other purposes. By using our services you are having a positive impact on the environment. If your company has an environmental policy then using Assured Security Shredding can add real value to your green credentials.

We know each company will have different needs and reasons for choosing our services. No matter what your requirements, we have a solution that can give you what you need. To find out more or get a tailored quote, get in touch with us today.