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If you find your office and storage areas filled up with old products, we can help. Our product destruction services can help clear you of unwanted uniforms, hard drives and any other items that are no longer required but do need to be securely disposed.

You need to consider your options for safe and secure product destruction. In some areas, your council might not allow you to include these in your business refuse. Even where it is possible, it might not be a good idea for security reasons.

Security Risk

If you have branded or confiscated products, there might be a risk of them being taken from landfill and resold or re-used. Even out-of-date or redundant products can be used for fraudulent purposes.

Our product destruction services protect you and your business while offering a convenient way of giving you more space. We can collect your products as part of a monthly collection service, or as a one-off clearance. From our secure premises in Molesey, Surrey, we thoroughly destroy your products, ensuring that any sensitive information is removed according to data protection regulations.

Environmentally Friendly

Product destruction is also an environmentally friendly choice. As part of our service, we aim for product recycling where possible. This means that your product is completely destroyed and the impact on landfill is lessened.

At Assured Security Shredding, we know how important it can be for a business to safely destroy products. Whatever your reasons for destroying, and however often you need a destruction service, we have a solution for you.

Data Compliant

You can also feel confident that any secure information is handled effectively and safely. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited, and our team of experts ensures that we meet strict guidelines for data protection.

All of our employees are background checked, and all collections are carried out by uniformed staff members. Each of our trucks is tracked, so we know where they are, and where your products are, at all times. We will also issue you with a certificate of destruction. This is your proof that your products are thoroughly and correctly destroyed.

If you want to find out more about how Assured Security Shredding can help your business handle your unneeded products, get in touch today.