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Digital Data

In today’s digital world, many companies keep confidential data stored on computer hard drives.  This can include sensitive information such as salaries; names and addresses of employees or business contacts – all of these are confidential.  Just like letters and documents, if the hard drives get into the wrong hands, it can lead to a variety of problems including fraud and identity theft.


Assured Security Shredding offer secure hard drive destruction as well as shredding and destruction of other magnetic media such as disks and phones; document  and uniform destruction services. We can collect your hard drives and other magnetic media and you can be confident they will be safely destroyed. Our uniformed staff are all fully vetted and will show a relevant ID. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited. Once your equipment is destroyed, we will issue you with a certificate of destruction.

Regular Or One-Off Clearance

We can collect your hard drives as part of a regular security and destruction service, or as part of a one-off clearance project. This means that whether you have data to destroy once a month or once a year, you can be sure that our hard drive disposal service will cover your needs. Hard drive destruction is a necessary step to protect you and your customers against fraud and identity theft. Simply deleting the content of a hard drive isn’t enough. Even running a specialised data wiping program might not be sufficient. The only way to be completely sure your data is safe is to physically destroy your hard drive.

Site & Vehicle Monitoring

We collect your hard drives or other sensitive media and destroy them off-site at our secure Molesey facility, where we do hard drive shredding and destruction of confidential data.  We track our secure vehicles, and our site is monitored by CCTV for your security. Digital data security is vital, and Assured Security Shredding can help your company stay safe. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.