on-site shredding

Improperly disposing of your documents and other data can leave you, your company, and your customers at risk of identity theft. This is why it’s so important to ensure that all data is thoroughly shredded and destroyed.

What  Can Happen?

Identity theft is a big threat, and one that can cause years of problems. When confidential data, such as bank account details, are stolen it makes it easy for a fraudster to steal an identity. This can lead to credit cards and purchases in your name, leaving you with mounting debt from somebody else.

Identity Fraud Protection

Of course, it isn’t just a problem for individuals. More and more companies are finding themselves the victims of identity theft. Seemingly non-sensitive information that can be found in your company’s documents can be used to create a fake version of your company. This fraudulent version can lure in unsuspecting customers, stealing their money and leaving you with a bad reputation.

How To Prevent Identity Theft

The best way to prevent identity theft is to ensure all your sensitive data is properly destroyed. This is more than just shredding your documents in-house using a consumer shredder, though. Many of these units do not meet Data Protection Act regulations, and if you’re throwing the shredded materials into your normal recycling or waste, it can be pieced back together by a criminal.

Identity Protection Security

Instead, you should use a properly accredited full-service information destruction company like Assured Security Shredding.  Our staff members are fully background checked, all our vehicles are tracked and we have CCTV at our secure site facility.

Secure Document Destruction

We can destroy your documents, as well as other materials that might contain confidential information. This includes computers, hard drives, mobile phones, and even staff uniforms. By destroying these, and recycling the materials where possible, we make them impossible for a criminal to use.

Protecting yourself, your employees and your clients against identity theft is an ongoing process, which is why having a regular collection service from Assured Security Shredding can be a great option. With monthly collection of your documents and other materials, you can keep on top of your confidential data. This can protect you, your customers, and your company.