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When you use the services of Assured Security Shredding, you’re not just protecting your data, you’re also protecting the environment.  After securely shredding your materials we supply the baled pulp to be used for creating future products.

Why is recycling important? It can save your business time and money, as well as benefitting the environment. Create more space in your workplace with an archive clearance, or set up regular collections to ensure no more backlogs build up.


Our office recycling services means that all shredded paper is fully recycled. This means that after shredding, the paper is turned back into pulp, for use in recycled paper products. If you need to know how to recycle paper from your business, we can set up a regular or one-off collection to do it for you.

In our secure premises in Surrey, we operate an eco-friendly facility. But whether you choose our off-site shredding services or our on-site shredding, we make sure your paper is handled correctly. We are ISO 9001 and 140001 accredited, and meet all of the best practices for waste management.


We also recycle the material from your old uniforms and work wear. This, too, offers both security and an environmentally friendly way of disposing of your waste. Rather than throwing old uniforms into a landfill, where they can be taken and used for fraud and identity theft, Assured Security Shredding’s uniform recycling service removes and destroys any sensitive or identifying information and then recycles the material.


Computers are a growing problem for landfill waste. With technology developing at such a rapid pace, the number of CPUs and monitors piling up in landfills is becoming a major problem. Simply including them in your regular waste can also be a security risk. Our office recycling service offers the perfect solution. While we destroy anything, such as hard drives or removable media, that contains confidential data, we recycle the materials. This gives your company an environmentally friendly and secure way of disposing of your old computers.

Our commitment to the environment can be found in all of our services. By using Assured Security Shredding, you can be confident in the knowledge that your information is being kept safe and is thoroughly destroyed without damaging the planet. We are members of the National Association of Information Destruction, and our team of experts keeps our operations up to date on all the best practices and legislation around both data protection and environmental protection.

To find out what our office recycling services can do for your company, get in touch today. We offer solutions for all sizes of company, and can handle a wide variety of materials.