Starbucks Introduces Refillable Cup

18 May 2013
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Starbucks has introduced a new refillable cup to its UK customers which will be completely reusable and is aimed at encouraging people to be more conscious of the environment and waste.

The cup is set to cost £1 and looks very much alike the traditional Starbucks white cup with green livery. In a push to sell the cups and encourage sustainability, Starbucks will offer a discount of 25p for anyone who uses the reusable cup for their beverage. The cup is made from a quality material, though is not the same as the Starbucks ceramic tumblers. The ceramic tumblers will still be sold in the store.

The new mugs will initially only be available in selected stores across the UK and this will then be rolled out across the nation gradually. The company is hoping that by 2015 around one in every 20 drinks that are served in its stores will be in plastic cups. Starbucks has said that this move in the UK will be a central step towards meeting this target.

Starbucks is currently expanding in the UK and is hoping to open 300 new stores and also create around 5,000 new jobs in the country by 2016. This will all occur amid issues regarding corporation tax payments in the UK.

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