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We provide a secure data shredding service to help you destroy your sensitive data in a simple, secure and convenient way. If you require a one-off collection or regular document shredding services, we will be happy to offer our services to give you complete peace of mind.

Contact us for secure shredding services Surrey, all of London and the rest of South East England.

Why Shred Your Sensitive Data?

Sensitive company data needs to be protected. Any personal details you hold on your staff or clients should always be treated as sensitive. Company secrets, information regarding new products, marketing strategies, sales figures and personal details of customers are just a few of the types of data that can cause you significant harm if you fail to destroy them securely and they end up in someone else’s possession.

Individuals also have to consider secure data destruction due to the danger posed by identity theft, which is a growing problem and can lead to serious complications and years of difficulties for anyone who is affected.

Failing to handle this data properly can lead to large fines or prosecution under the Data Protection Act. Using a regular shredding service will help you comply with data protection regulations. Don’t wait for the worst to happen- prevention is much more effective. Shredding services Surrey, London and the home counties help hundreds of businesses comply with data protection.

How Secure Shredding Services Work

We will provide you with a lockable container which you and your staff can fill with any documents that need destroying. You don’t need to remove staples or envelopes and packaging. We collect and shred the contents on a regular basis at your convenience. Our process separates different materials and we then bale and pulp them for recycling.

It is far more expensive and distressing to fix such situations once they have arisen, and prevention is always the best strategy, making secure shredding a serious consideration for every company.

Different Materials we shred

Our secure shredding service is designed to provide you with complete peace of mind by offering a completely secure way to destroy your data. All of the data that we shred is completely destroyed so that no sensitive information can ever be retained.

We shred a wide variety of items that could contain sensitive data, including:

We can shred your data on-site or off-site, depending upon your requirements. Many of our customers simply arrange for us to pick up their data and take it to our shredding centre on a regular or one-off basis. However, if you would prefer us to shred your data at your company’s site then we are also happy to arrange this.

We simply provide you with a secure container for all of the items that you want to destroy, and then we will turn up and take the items to our mobile shredding vehicle. They will all be destroyed right there so that you can witness the destruction, and we will provide you with a certificate of destruction to prove that it has been destroyed properly.

Why Use Assured Security Shredding?

Comply with data protection, know that you have green credentials, save your staff time and your business money. Our secure shredding services in Surrey, London and the South East help ensure that businesses small and large across the region destroy their sensitive data properly.

Customers choose us to handle their secure shredding requirements because:

  • All our employees are given background checks and carry ID.
  • Our vehicles are tracked at all times.
  • We provide a certificate of destruction that you can show to your customers.
  • Shredded items are recycled and used in other products.
  • Our service is very convenient and cost effective.
  • We guarantee full compliance with the latest legislation.

Contact Us Today

We would be pleased to help you with your one-off or regular secure data shredding, so contact us today to arrange the destruction of your data. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have, and we look forward to helping you achieve peace of mind in knowing that your data has been destroyed securely.