On-Site confidential shredding services
for total security

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Do you need to dispose of confidential data regularly, or have a one-off archive clearance? Our on-site shredding service offers safe and secure confidential document destruction. With all the shredding done at your workplace, you are able to witness it, giving you total peace of mind.

How Does It Work?

Using our on-site shredding service is simple and convenient. We can deliver a secure, lockable container for your employees to use. With these boxes, they simply drop any confidential documents for destruction in the slot. It’s as easy as posting a letter.

Watch our video for more information about on-site shredding services.


When it’s time for your documents to be collected, our mobile shredding vehicles and uniformed employees will arrive at your location and get to work. All of our employees are background checked and carry identification so you can be certain none of your important documents will fall into the wrong hands.

Certificate Of Destruction

After collecting the contents of your containers, they’ll be brought to our mobile shredding vehicle. They’ll be loaded in and shredded right there at your premises. After your documents are shredded, you are given a certificate of destruction.

All of our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices, so we’ll always know where they – and your documents – are. When our vehicle arrives back at our secure premises, the shredded contents are baled up, ready for recycling.

How Often Is On-Site Shredding Needed?

Collections can be anything from weekly to monthly, depending on your needs. Regular confidential document destruction works for many of our clients – . This gives you the convenience of making document security a part of your company’s routine. It can also help keep piles of unsecured confidential documents from stacking up.

One-Off Clearance Projects

It’s also possible to use on-site shredding for a particular project. Whether you need to clear out your archives; destroy documents from a particular job; or just need to make a bit more space in your office; we can offer on-site shredding solutions that will meet your needs.

Whatever your needs, Assured Security Shredding are fully accredited to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards so you can have peace of mind about your confidential data.

If you have any questions about on-site confidential shredding services please don’t hesitate to contact us today.