4 Ways to Go Green This Summer

13 Jun 2013
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Not only does going green support the environment, but it also supports a healthier lifestyle. Chemicals found in various products and food can have a direct impact on your health and more and more people are opting to go “au natural” with organic food, products such as natural sunscreen, and are saying goodbye to wasteful materials like plastic bottled water and Styrofoam coffee cups. By recycling materials, reusing items, and reducing waste, you can begin living simply while improving your health and environment. By making small changes to your routine slowly, you can also save money this summer.

Below are four easy ways to “go green” this season:

1.  Make small changes to your routine

Again, these changes don’t have to be immediate nor dramatic. Start by bringing your own coffee mug or thermos to your favorite coffee place. Store a mug at work to avoid using a Styrofoam or paper cup everyday. These changes come easier and more naturally when you start making them one by one. Use less energy by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs and unplug electronics when they’re not in use.

2. Swap out chemical-ridden products for natural products

From hair shampoo and cleaning supplies to laundry detergent and office supplies, majority of today’s products on the market involve a large amount of chemicals that aren’t safe for you and your family’s health. Check out ingredients on the back and look out for products advertised as “all-natural” and “organic” – oftentimes, products use this advantage as a selling point, so it’s not difficult to differentiate the natural products from the non-natural products. Opt for natural sunscreen, bug spray, and other eco-friendly products this summer as a way to go green.

3. Reuse and Recycle

A great way to cut down on waste this summer is to either reuse or recycle trash and other items. Make use of old cardboard boxes by using them for storage and be sure to recycle anything you can’t use, such as cereal boxes, water bottles, and empty cans. Many items might surprise you in all the different ways they can be used, so be sure to Google some DIY projects before tossing – perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer while also helping the environment.

4. Remember your new responsibilities with little reminders

Often, it can be difficult to remember your new responsibilities, such as unplugging appliances that aren’t in use or shutting off extra lights, so try leaving little notes around to remind yourself and even other family members.

By living a greener lifestyle, you can help reduce you and your family’s carbon footprint while also increasing your family’s health with all natural products and organic food items. Again, start of slowly and small so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Set yourself little reminders around your home with post-it notes and try to get the whole family on board. By reducing, reusing, and recycling, you will feel good that you’re living a healthier lifestyle while helping improve the environment through these simple steps.

Thanks to James Cash for this guest post. He is a part time writer and avid supporter of anything green.