The Problem with Black Bin Bags

03 May 2013
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The world of recycling can be a confusing one, that’s for sure. In this day and age most local services and councils are able to take care of a wide range of the items we use on a daily basis.

However, the City of Lincoln Council has said that around 10 per cent of the items that are replaced in domestic recycle bins should not be in there. The council cites black bin bags as the biggest errant item in the recycling bins.

Even though the council and locals have seen the brown bins become increasingly an ingrained part of their lives, it seems that a wide number of unrecyclable items creep in to them.

Black Big Bags

The black bin bag is up there for the simple reason that its innards are most likely recyclable and so people just place it out for the green treatment. Sadly, even if the inside of the bags are recyclable it can lead to all of the material being thrown into the landfill.

The council have gone to the lengths of adding new stickers to recycling bins in the hope that this will push people towards placing what’s apt in the bins. 


It would be interesting to note whether this occurrence is something that’s nationwide or if the black plastic bag issue is one that’s especially high in the Lincoln area.

If the black bag issue was something that was determined on a wider scale, it may be worthwhile to create a national campaign to change hearts and minds and prevent the contamination of green waste. It might be something worthwhile in the long term and also be more inclined to change public actions in this area.