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In need of secure shredding of your sensitive data in East Sussex? We can provide this service for you right now. Our data destruction service is 100% secure and fully compliant with present regulations.

Repeat business from our customers shows the trust they have in us. Give us a shout today and we will organise the destruction of your data in a secure way and at a reasonable price. We pride ourselves on our convenient, no-nonsense process.

Our East Sussex data destruction facility is at your service.

Why You Need to Shred

Most companies store a lot of sensitive data. Revenue figures, new product strategies, customer and employee information, etc. Such data can severely harm your company if leaked to the wrong person: competitors could use it to gain an advantage over you in the marketplace; if the information goes public, it could hurt your reputation, and you might even get fined for not adequately securing sensitive data.

Given these risks, many companies realise what’s at stake and take the necessary action to secure their data. Using our services they know their data will be destroyed securely.

Our Process To Secure Your Data

Our shredding service makes sure all the data you provide us is fully destroyed. We can handle data in any type of format:

• Paper
• Hard disk
• USB drive
• Phone
• Tablet
• Any other data carrier

We offer a secure data destruction process. We come to you and either execute our data destruction process right there, or we pick up your data carriers and safely transport them back to our shredding facility. Any transport of your data is fully tracked so we always know the whereabouts of your data. We also perform background checks on each of our employees to ensure the safety of your data.

Mobile Data Shredding to Remove all Worries

The use of our shredding centre involves the transportation of your data to our facility in order destroy it. If you would like to actually see the process in action, we also offer an on-location service at your East Sussex site, using a mobile shredding unit.

An Easy, Green Shredding Service

At East Sussex Assured Security Shredding services, we supply a certificate of destruction for any shredding service we perform for you. This enables you to prove to your customers that any sensitive data they have provided you with has been destroyed securely.

Besides focussing on security, we also pride ourselves on offering a straightforward service. Pick up of the material to be shredded can be arranged for a one-off assignment or on a regular schedule.

Not only do we provide a secure and simple shredding service, but also an environmentally friendly one. Almost all material that we destroy is recycled.

Our services are accredited to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and are up to date with new regulations, ensuring the secure destruction of your data. Our shredding services are available for any type of client, whether business or private, at competitive prices.

Schedule a Pick Up Right Now

Assured Security Shredding Services will happily organise the destruction of your sensitive data. Get in touch with us today to get more information and arrange a shredding.