Paper Lorry Fire Highlights Danger

31 Mar 2013
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A Somerset town was the site of an early morning lorry fire that highlighted the risk of paper fires. Fire crews in Yeovil rushed to a seven-tonne paper lorry that had caught fire while on the public highway. The fire, thought to be accidental, was extinguished and one man was treated for smoke inhalation.

Flammable paper can create a fire risk whether in a lorry or in an office. Many businesses have a potential fire risk in their piled up documents and archives. With data protection laws, it may be impossible for a company to dispose of the documents safely and securely on their own.

One certain way to reduce this fire risk is to use a secure shredding service. Regular paper collections can keep your paper build up to a minimum, and archive clearance services can help with the backlog of years gone by.

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