Museums Struggling With Archive Space

25 Mar 2013
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Across the UK, museums are struggling to find room for their archived collections. A survey by the Society of Museum Archaeologists found that 275 of the country’s museums lack space for important archaeology archives.

English Heritage have called the results a worry when it comes to the UK’s national heritage. Museums have been urged to find a solution that will not results in disposing of important historical materials. 

Of course, much of the problems stem from not having enough space to store generations of archives, both archaeological and other archives. This is a problem faced by many businesses across every industry. Many companies find themselves unable to keep the most important items and records due to an overwhelming archive that can include everything from vital documents to redundant paperwork.

One solution many businesses have found helpful is archive destruction, particularly when unimportant and irrelevant archives are taking up valuable space. Using Assured Security Shredding’s archive destruction service can allow companies to free up space while ensuring compliance with data protection laws.

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