L’Uritonnoir will be Introduced at Festivals

15 May 2013
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If you’re the sort of person who likes to go for a number one outside then French company Faltazi has come up with a solution.

L’Uritonnoir is your own very special urine upcycling factory and allows you the chance to create compost in super quick time. The invention encourages the nitrogen in urine to react with the carbon in straw and the decomposition.

The idea was originally dreamt up for festivals and other such events, where there is often a shortage of portable loos. L’Uritonnoir comes as a flat polypropylene sheet and is folded and looped around the bale, with its funnel placed inside the straw. This allows the liquid to decompose the core of the bale.

The creators saw that the device can reduce water consumption, raise festival goers awareness of dry urination and also the compost can be used to fertilise the area for the next year. The device will debut at a heavy metal festival in France in the middle of the summer.

The device is part of a growing trend of systems for waste management and food production that are totally green. It’s not the first time ‘pee bales’ were introduced and the National Trust has advocated them for use in some of its gardens.

Image courtesy of [hin255] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net