Electronic Frontier Foundation Report Shows Data Protection

08 May 2013
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation has lauded Twitter for its work on data protection and transparency. However, it bashed both Apple and Yahoo, giving them one star out of six for their attempts at keeping users data safe from governments.

The EFF looked at a number of factors to determine how well businesses were doing to protect customer’s data. They looked into issues regarding warrants for access to content, government data requests and the transparency of the business. They also examined how much effort businesses put into fighting for privacy rights for users in court.

Twitter did very well in the report, while Apple and Yahoo were given a single star. However Verizon and MySpace did even worse again and were not even awarded one commendation.

The report showed that though there was a general overall improvement, there was still a lot of work to be done. ISPs were particularly seen as a problem area in the report, with few receiving many stars.

Microsoft was praised for its first transparency report.  Amazon was hit for its failure to inform users when data is sought after by governments, despite having lots of information in its cloud services.

Image courtesy of [kromkrathog] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net