Commingling Proving Very Effective Across the UK

17 Jul 2013
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A new report has come out claiming that commingling is often a the most efficient way for local authorities to recycle. The annal report released by the WYG Group found that out of the top 30 local authorities for recycling performance across the UK, 20 of them collected commingled waste. However, in the bottom 30, only two of the local authorities carried out commingled collections, as reported in Let’s Recycle.

Commingled collections take place all over the country, irrespective of the wealth of an area. This is in contrast to separate collections, which are more common in affluent areas. Indeed, the report found that commingling is often cheaper for local councils.

The report also highlighted how commingling performance was improved when there were modern Materials Recycling Facilities, or MRFs, nearby.

Ashford Borough Council, which is currently the worst performing local authority in the UK, is hoping that it can improve upon its recycling rate by introducing a commingled collection very soon. Biffa was awarded the contract, and it is suggesting that the rate of recycling could go up significantly here due to the new commingling service.

The report shows that commingling can be a very effective way for local authorities to recycle. In addition to increasing efficiency, the other benefit of commingling is that it often makes it easier for residents to recycle because they do not have to separate out all of their materials themselves.


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