Chrome Password Security: Are Your Passwords Exposed?

22 Aug 2013
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Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. But how secure is it? It was recently revealed that users’ passwords that are saved in Chrome for various websites are incredibly easy to discover, and this was reported in many places including The Telegraph.

This means that if you leave a laptop on your desk without protecting it with a password, someone could easily get access to your most important passwords in a matter of seconds. Someone can literally go to the password manager section and reveal any passwords that you have chosen to save in the browser, and they need no special skills to do this. 

Emails, social networking websites, documents, photos – anything could be revealed if someone gets access to your passwords. People could use your passwords to get access to your accounts and take over them, and it really is not difficult to do. Anyone who can use a computer can do it.

There is not even a master password to display the passwords, as with other browsers like Safari.

Despite the fact that these revelations are likely to unsettle many people, it should be remembered that passwords are never 100% secure. Keeping passwords safe is one of the most important things that anyone can do if they are active online, and it can help to prevent ID theft and other serious issues such as data theft.

To protect yourself, avoid saving passwords to any of your sensitive accounts in any browsers, and set up a password to access your computer when you start the screen saver. Then all you have to do when you are not using your computer is start the screen saver and your computer will have another level of protection.


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