Belgian ID Theft Video Warning Goes Viral

06 Aug 2013
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The dangers of ID theft are increasingly appearing in the news. But now a Belgian video created by a bank that warns of the dangers of ID theft has gone viral, and it could prove to be an effective education tool. 

Febelfin, a bank in Belgium, released the distinctly creepy video, which was created by Duval Guillaume Modem. It depicts a sinister agent working at an unknown organisation who completely takes over the identity of a normal person (apparently a real person, although this is not confirmed) by using simple techniques available to anyone.

Using nothing more than a few phone calls and emails, along with some details from Facebook, he takes over the man’s identity. He then spends his money on hotel rooms and buys expensive items over the internet, and even goes so far as to get professional makeup to make him look like the victim.

The video is all very dramatic and done in a Hollywood style, and yet the danger of ID theft is clearly presented. The aim of the video was to create something that normal people can relate to, and it encourages people to visit the website where tips on safer online banking practices can be found.

The fact that the video has entertainment value had enabled it to go viral, and hopefully it will reach more people as a result and help to alert them to the dangers of ID theft so that they can avoid becoming victims.

Will it prove to be effective? Make your mind up for yourself by watching the video here.


Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /