Apple Is the Latest Large Company to Suffer Data Breach

31 Jul 2013
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Apple has become the latest big name to suffer a data breach after a security researcher from Turkey found a system flaw that allowed him to access information of individual developers in Apple’s developer portal.

As many as 275,000 developers could have been affected, and Apple warned that their information may have been stolen, including their names and email addresses.

The news broke after the developer portal went offline without any explanation, and Ibrahim Balic, the man behind the hack, then came out to explain what he had done to demonstrate weaknesses in Apple’s system. He even posted a YouTube video explaining how he alerted Apple to the bug. Speaking to The Guardian, he said that he found 13 bugs in all.

If someone managed to break into a developer’s ID, this could open the door to the possibility of uploading apps for malicious purposes. However, Apple claimed that access to developer code was not compromised.

More companies are coming under attack from hackers, and Apple is just the latest major company to suffer a large hack. However, small companies are also at risk, and they should use this latest major breach as a warning to tighten up their own security procedures and ask themselves if they could be doing more to protect their sensitive data.


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