A Quick Guide to Better Office Recycling

15 Oct 2013
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If you are keen to run a greener, more eco-friendly office, the first place you should start is by improving your office recycling efforts. There are many ways that you can run a more eco-conscious business, but recycling is one of the ways to make the biggest impact – and it’s very easy to get started. 

Here’s a quick guide to improving your recycling efforts in your office to reduce your environmental impact at work. 

Why is Recycling Important? 

Recycling is important for many reasons. Firstly, it helps to keep waste out of landfill. Too much waste is still sent to landfill unnecessarily, and by recycling at work you can help to reduce this.

Recycling also helps to save energy. The manufacture of new products uses up far more energy than products that have been made from recycled materials, which as a result releases more CO2 into the environment, one of the gases responsible for global warming. Using recycled materials also helps to conserve the Earth’s precious resources. 

In addition to all of these reasons, recycling more in your office can help to improve your brand image. It will show that you are a company that cares about the environment, and this demonstrates corporate responsibility.

Find a Recycling Waste Contractor

The first thing that you should do if you decide to recycle more in your office is to find a good recycling waste contractor. Try to find a contractor that can recycle a range of products. It may be more convenient for you if your contractor can recycle mixed paper and shredded paper as well as standard office paper, so this is worth looking into.

Other considerations will include whether the contractor will collect the waste for you, or whether you will have to drop off the containers somewhere. If you will keep the waste to be recycled in your office, do you have sufficient storage space for them?

Get Your Staff Involved

Any recycling efforts you make will only be successful if you get your employees on board. Rather than just imposing lots of new restrictions on what can be thrown away and what can be recycled, try to get them involved in the project to increase their enthusiasm.

Provide them with training, information and support to make recycling easier for them, and encourage participation by holding regular meetings to discuss your recycling targets. 

What About Confidential Waste?

Be careful when it comes to recycling your confidential waste, which could include documents that you have shredded. Instead of shredding documents yourself on your site, which is not the most secure way of destroying sensitive data, use a company that can destroy your documents securely and can then arrange for the waste to be recycled. Then you will enjoy the best of both worlds.

Boost Your Recycling Rate Today

It’s easy to recycle more in the office. Remember, it does not stop with paper. You can also recycle your batteries, cans, cardboard, empty ink cartridges and many other items. So have a think about how you could improve your office recycling, and enjoy the benefits of going green in your office.


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