UK ID Theft Hotspots Revealed

29 Jun 2013
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Identity theft has become a serious problem across the UK, but it turns out that it is a bigger problem in some areas than in others. This has been demonstrated in a new report into ID theft across the UK released by credit agency Experian.

Altrincham Tops the List

Altrincham in Cheshire came at the very top of the list of places where residents are most at risk of ID theft, with London following close behind.

In Altrincham, there were 13 attempts at fraud for every 10,000 adults in the town during 2012. This compared to 11 for London and Hatfield. 

However, although London as a whole was second on the list, certain areas of London were actually worse than Altrincham, with Romford, East Ham and Bexleyheath all proving to be risky areas.

Top Targets

Experian stated that the people being targeted the most for ID theft were those living in inner-city areas and on low or middle incomes. However, it claimed that affluent areas are also at risk, with young homeowners living in suburbs targeted because they are more likely to be looking for credit.

London Top for First-Party Fraud

Experian also looked at so-called first-party fraud, which is where people attempt to change their own details in order to get credit. Here, London tops the list, with 19 cases per 10,000 people, followed by Manchester and Birmingham.

More Vigilance Needed

Whether you live in one of the risky areas or not, you need to be vigilant against ID theft. Anyone can become a victim, but simple practices like shredding all of your old documents and avoiding publishing personal information on your social networks can help to reduce the risk of it happening to you.

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