Taylor Swift’s Fan Mail Demonstrates Importance of Shredding

28 Mar 2013
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After hundreds of unopened fan letters to singer Taylor Swift were found at a Tennessee recycling facility, questions have been raised about whether any celebrities actually read what their fans send them. However, the situation also shows the importance of shredding documents, rather than just sending them for recycling.

For Taylor Swift, the incident has become a PR nightmare. A member of the public came across the letters when she went to dispose of her own paper recycling. Since the discovery a few weeks ago, the singer’s representatives have had to assure fans that the incident was an accident, and that letters are not routinely disposed of without being opened.

The lesson that can be learned, though, can be far more important. While the items found in this incident caused the singer embarrassment, it shows the ease with which other people can find the items you put in your general recycling. Even non-confidential information can be used to a potentially damaging result.

Whether you’re recycling fan mail, bank statements, or internal memos, it is important to ensure that nobody can pull the items back out of a recycling bin. The best way to do this is to properly shred the items before they are recycled. Many businesses lack the facilities and staff to properly shred everything, but using Assured Security Shredding’s regular collection services can make shredding extremely easy for any business.

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