Sensitive Data on Your Hard Drive? How to Get Rid of It Properly

19 Jul 2013
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Computers in the workplace often store very sensitive data on them, the sort of data that you would not want to be seen by anyone outside the company. Your computer may even store some personal details of your clients and staff – and if you don’t keep that confidential the ICO would be more than happy to hand you a large fine.

The question of what to do with an old hard drive is therefore a serious one for companies large and small, and you essentially have two options: wipe the data or destroy the hard drive.

Option 1: Wipe the Data

Many companies choose this option because it does not involve the actual destruction of the hard drive and it is also convenient.

What does it involve? You will normally have to purchase a software programme that you can run on your computer and this will destroy the data. You can then normally use the hard drive again, and all of the sensitive data it previously contained will have been wiped.

Although this technique is often recommended, the hard drive is still in existence and if you make a mistake running the software or something goes wrong, there is always the possibility that not all of the data will be completely destroyed.

It’s for this reason that many businesses choose the second option: complete destruction.

Option 2: Destroy the Hard Drive

With this option, you physically destroy the hard drive to render it completely unreadable. This will mean that no matter what remains on it, no one can ever get access to the data and your sensitive information will stay 100% secure.

The problem for many businesses is how to go about destroying a hard drive. They are actually quite tough objects, and then there is the concern that you may not destroy it properly. 

That’s why many businesses use our hard drive destruction service. We will completely destroy your hard drive so that it cannot be used in any way again. You will have complete peace of mind that nothing on that hard drive will ever be found, and it really is the only way to guarantee that your sensitive data is never seen.

Destroy Your Hard Drive Properly

We make destroying hard drives easy. We’ll even pick up your hard drive from your place of work to make the process even more simple. Don’t take risks with your sensitive digital data. Even if you have to buy a new hard drive for your computer, surely the risk of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands is far worse. So destroy your hard drives securely and enjoy complete peace of mind.


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