Recycled Clothing Show To Be Part of Coronation Festival

02 Apr 2013
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As part of this year’s Coronation Festival, a variety of UK businesses will be taking part in a unique fashion show. The catwalk show, to be spread over the four-day event at Buckingham Palace, will feature designs made of recycled materials.

The dresses expected to be on show will include a Royal Mail dress made out of shower curtains embroidered with the images of all the stamps the Queen has appeared on over her 60 years on the throne. Designs being presented by Land Rover and Jaguar are expected to be made out of everything from leather car seats to steering wheels.

While the show is certainly going to be demonstrating some novelty styles, it will also underline the importance of recycling. For UK businesses, recycling is a crucial part of waste disposal, and one that often includes more items than one would think. In addition to recycling things like plastic bottles, it is also important to recycle items like uniforms, products, computer equipment, and archives.

With any of these, though, it is also important for companies to ensure that their recycling is being properly destroyed. Using one of Assured Security Shredding’s services can give you the confidence that any sensitive information is being properly destroyed while your materials are being fully recycled.

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