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From paper shredding to hard drive destruction, we offer all the confidential shredding services you need. At Assured Security Shredding we are committed to both your security and the environment, and all of our services reflect this commitment.

Convenient And Safe

Our services offer you convenience and security. With our regular collection services and one-off project destruction, you simply gather the items to be destroyed. We collect the items, shred or destroy them, and recycle the waste. You’re given a certificate of destruction as proof that you have properly disposed of your items.

Our services also save you time and money. Instead of having your employees spending their time document shredding, they can focus on what they do best. It also saves you from having to invest in the high quality shredding equipment needed for proper destruction of your most confidential data.

What We Do

Assured Security Shredding offers a wide range of services. Whether you need a regular collection of material, or have a one-time project or archive clearance, we have a solution for you. We provide much more than just paper shredding.

We can securely guarantee:

Our services include:

Your Security

Assured Security Shredding is a member of the National Association of Information Destruction, the world’s leading group for data destruction service companies.

We are also ISO 9001 accredited for our quality management, and ISO 14001 accredited for our environmental management. We also hold all relevant Environment Agency licenses and certificates.

What really sets Assured Security Shredding apart is our commitment to excellence in helping you with all your data destruction and shredding needs. We tailor every quote, meaning you’ll get exactly what your company needs.

Depending on your specific shredding requirements, we can provide:

  • Locked security containers
  • Wheelie bins (120L, 240L, 360L and 1100L)
  • Sacks and seals

All our secure containers are free on loan

Shredding Consol
for Confidential Waste.
Height: 88cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 42cm
Capacity: 40kilos
360 Litre Bin
Height: 1070cm
Width: 620cm
Depth: 860cm
240 Litre Bin
for Confidential Data
and Non Confidential Paper.
Height: 108cm
Width: 57cm
Depth: 57cm
Capacity: 160kilo
1100 Litre Wheelie Bin
Height 1400cm
Width 1200cm
Length 1070 cm
Capacity 500 kilos

Assured Bins and Containers