Most People Don’t Back Up Their Data

13 Oct 2013
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The majority of people in Britain are failing to back up their important data, according to new research that was reported in The Telegraph. By failing to back up important documents and images, people are at risk of losing everything if their computers are lost or stolen or if the hard drives become damaged.

The research was commissioned by WD, a digital storage firm. It found that many respondents simply could not be bothered to back up their data, and many others said that they did not know how to. 

It also found that in the average household, personal files are stored on 14 devices including computers, tablets, smartphones and data sticks.

The company released the results of the research at the same time as it released a new cloud drive called My Cloud. This is a device that allows people to back up their data securely in the cloud through the aid of a device. Although WD says that no form of cloud storage is ever 100% secure, it claims that My Cloud provides greater security than public cloud storage like Dropbox because there is nothing actually stored on its servers.

Perhaps it will encourage more people to make the effort to back up their data on a regular basis by simplifying the process, preventing them from having to face the unwanted situation of losing all of their personal data in an instant simply because they could not be bothered to back it up.


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