General Motors Saves $1 Billion Through Recycling

14 Aug 2013
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Business Green recently reported on the announcement by General Motors (GM) that it managed to save $1 billion through recycling 90% of its manufacturing waste across the world in 2012.

It achieved this impressive figure through a range of initiatives aimed at recycling and reusing more of its waste products. 105 of its global facilities are now landfill free, a figure that it is aiming to increase to 125 by 2020. It revealed the figures in its most recent sustainability report. 

One of the changes it made was to change from wooden pallets to reusable plastic pallets at plants in multiple countries. Through doing this, it managed to save 566 tonnes of waste.

Since 2010, its waste per vehicle has also been reduced by 25 kilograms, its energy use is down 7% and its carbon emissions are down 5%.

The company confirmed that it now considers all by-products as useful, and is also uses a tracking system to recover as much waste as possible. 

This should be a good lesson to companies of all sizes. Recycling and reusing can save considerable amounts of money even for small companies, helping to boost revenue as well as reduce the environmental impact of their activities. Even on a smaller scale, companies should be making efforts to recycle and reuse more, and now they have a real financial reason to do so.


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