Firefighters Tackle Recycling Blaze

07 May 2013
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Firelighters and eight fire engines spent hours trying to put out a blaze at a Warwickshire recycling plant last Tuesday. It was the second fire at the premises within a month according to reports.

The fire involved over 12 tonnes of waste and plastics and burner for a number of hours before it was got under control. During the period of the fire, locals in the area were advised to keep all windows and doors shut until further notice.

Firefighters and environmental worked together for the duration of the blaze to monitor wind patterns and to determine the best plan of action to prevent the fire causing significant issues for the immediate area.

On Tuesday Environment Agency Midlands reported that it had now found any environmental impacts from the fire at present.

The plant is situated on the border of Gloucestershire and Worcestershire and is owned by Sims. The plant has been plagued in recent months with issues. Fire services were called out to the plant at the start of April to battle a fire overnight. In addition, reports in January showed that there was an internal investigation into ‘potential fraudulent conduct’. This caused the share price of the company to fall by 5%.