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Assured Security Shredding can save you and your company time and money. Destroying your confidential data and other secure information can be a vital part of keeping your business safe, and our professional secure shredding services are second to none.

Save Time

If your employees are taking time to destroy confidential documents themselves, it’s less time they’re spending doing the job you’ve hired them for. Expecting employees to take on this work can also lead to lax handling of secure data.

With our collection services, we take this hassle away. Using our security containers, your employees simply have to put any confidential data in a special bin. It makes ensuring your company’s security as easy as putting a letter in a post box. We can then collect the data for on-site shredding, or take it to our secure unit in Surrey.

Regular Collections

As part of our service, we collect the contents of your containers at regular agreed intervals. You are issued a certificate of destruction by our uniformed employees, and using our tracked vehicles, we take your sensitive documents back to our secure premises in Surrey for off-site shredding. Here we fully destroy your data, meeting all data protection regulations. We also recycle materials where possible, meaning your documents are handled in an eco-friendly and secure way.

Your company doesn’t need to take the time and effort required to properly destroy the data yourself, and you don’t need to invest in expensive on-site shredding machines. By leaving it to us, you can carry on with the work you do best.

Clear Out Your Archives

Our secure shredding services are also an ideal choice for clearing out archive space. Securely disposing of your archives can be a challenge for most companies. Too often, companies let old documents pile up, taking up valuable office or storage space.

Properly destroying the confidential and sensitive data in your archives can free up space, meaning you won’t have the expense of added storage or a bigger office. It can also give your customers and employees a greater sense of security, knowing that your archives won’t fall into the wrong hands.

To find out more about how our secure shredding services can save your company time and money, get in touch today. Whether you need a one-off archive clearance, or want the convenience of a monthly collection, we have the perfect solution for you.