Crown Estate Reports Environmental Factors

09 May 2013
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The Crown Estate’s new report will showcase its contribution to the environment via a four million tonne cut in carbon emissions when it publishes its 2013 report next month.

The report not only shows how the £8Bn property portfolio it owns has fared financially, but also how it has impacted in both a social and environmental manner. It will include the vast offshore wind and forestry programmes it owns in the report and how they have helped with significant savings in the emissions area.

This inclusion of emissions in reports marks a wider trend among businesses to demonstrate their impact and in other cases contribution to society, beyond those of monetary means alone.

The Crown Estate will also publish a report showing the non-financial performance of its whole chain of investments. This is known as the Total Contribution report.  This report shows that The Crown Estate managed to avoid more carbon emissions through forestry and low carbon energy generation that it created on its land. This sees it avoid four million tonnes of CO2 overall.

The Crown Estate has reported that it will integrate the impacts of the report over the next three years, so as to produce a fully integrated report by 2016. This report comes in conjunction with an EU proposal for businesses to report and disclose information regarding environmental and social performance.

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