Councils Say No to Shredded Paper

08 Mar 2013
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Many companies purchase a small shredder with the intention of destroying sensitive data. Once their documents are shredded, though, they aren’t sure about how to dispose of shredded paper.

In general, local councils will not allow shredded paper to be included in recycling. The small pieces of paper get mixed up with other materials and can cause their waste contractors significant problems. Businesses that also shred non-paper items, such as CDs, have even more uncertainty.

Recycling Shredded Paper

With councils refusing to collect the shredded material as part of recycling, businesses are left with little choice. The only way to have council collection of the material is to include it in landfill-bound waste.

The result is an environmentally unfriendly decision, and one that leaves any sensitive information open to theft. Some savvy fraudsters take business waste, piecing together improperly shredded documents.

In some areas, shredded paper can be brought to special recycling centres, but this means taking time away from other work. For businesses, this could also result in an added cost, with some councils charging an additional fee for business waste handling. In all cases, it does not allow for mixed material shredding.

The best solution for businesses is to use the services of a shredding company, such as Assured Shredding. On-site or off-site shredding services ensure that the data is fully destroyed, a security that isn’t provided by consumer-oriented shredders. These services also offer a way of safely disposing of the shredded materials, and offer environmentally friendly solutions.

Rather than performing a simple shredding of documents before putting them in standard refuse bins, using a shredding service is a way of offering a company and its customers an added level of security. Locked on-site boxes are even available, making destruction of documents as easy as dropping the paper in a bin.

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