Coca-Cola’s New Campaign Focuses on Benefits of Reusing

01 Sep 2013
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Recycling is rarely out of the news these days, but now Coca-Cola has decided to focus on the benefits of reusing in its latest campaign.

Coca-Cola has shown itself to be a company that cares about recycling, and in its latest campaign it provides the public with ideas for making creative use of their plastic bottles rather than throwing them out.

Called ‘Don’t Waste. Create’, the campaign is attempting to encourage more reuse of products that could be discarded as waste. Reusing is the best form of recycling because it does not use any energy.

Coca-Cola is providing a range of ideas that can be downloaded from its website, which contain ideas on how to make better use of plastic bottles. For example, it includes ideas on how to make a bird feeder and plant pots. People could use these ideas as fun ways for children to learn more about the benefits of reusing. 

It is also focusing on the benefits of recycling by encouraging this as another option if people do not reuse their bottles.

But you don’t have to stop at bottles. This campaign is a great idea to get people thinking of how they can make use of waste products creatively, but if you have other items that you regularly throw away, have a think about how you could reuse them instead to reduce the amount of waste you generate.


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