Can It Be Shredded: Paper

26 Apr 2013
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This one is probably a bit of a no-brainer, but we wanted to start off a series about what can be shredded with the most obvious. So, can paper be shredded? Of course it can!

You probably already knew that, though. But did you know that most household and office shredders have a limit of five to ten sheets at a time, with those labelled for commercial use will handle around 35 sheets at a time.

However, our shredders can handle a whole boxes of paper at a time. This means your archives can be cleared quickly and easily, and without taking precious employee time. (Plus, there’s no risk of caught neckties!)


What’s more, unlike the home and commercial shredders that often simply cut documents into easily reassembled strips, our shredders thoroughly destroy your data. This means that whatever is on your paper is completely protected from fraud, theft, and similar problems.

We also recycle the paper we shred, something that many homes and businesses aren’t able to do through local recycling collections. This makes the whole process easy and environmentally friendly.

To find out more about how Assured Security Shredding can shred your paper, get in touch!


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