Adobe Hit By Cyber Attack, Personal Data Compromised

17 Oct 2013
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Adobe has become the latest large company to be hit by a cyber attack, as reported by the BBC. Following the attack by hackers on its website, it confirmed that 2.9 million customers have been affected and that their private information has been stolen.

Even though the customers’ passwords were encrypted, hackers still managed to get to them. However, Adobe said that no credit or debit card data is not thought to have been removed.

Adobe’s spokespeople said that they “deeply regret” the incident, and that there is no “increased risk to customers” based on their findings.

However, it is also investigating whether source code for some of its products has been stolen, and if so things could get a lot more serious. Adobe’s products are used all over the world on millions of computers. If hackers could embed malicious code into software updates that look official, they could infect many computers.

Adobe said that customer accounts would have their passwords reset, and affected customers would also be emailed. It also recommended that customers who used the same passwords on other websites should change them as a precaution. 

This is yet another incident that demonstrates how supposedly secure data is never 100% secure, even when stored by the largest firms with the best security. Use it as an opportunity to make sure the passwords on all of your online accounts are different to minimise the impact if one of the accounts is hacked. 

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